TODS News (and walnuts)

Like walnuts on a walnut whip – you may have noticed a slight absence recently of TODS newsletters….

We often have a break over the summer months to give our editor time to rest those fingers from all the typing (he does type each one personally you know)…  but it just so happens TODS has a vacancy going… or rather a volunteering opportunity going….

Newsletter Editor wanted…. Kingsley Amis once said, ‘If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing’. TODS is looking for a newsletter editor to take over the task of keeping people informed. As all the best job adverts say, experience is not necessary and full training will be given. Furthermore, resources such as the email distribution lists, theatrical anecdotes (to fill the empty spaces) and picture files can all be transferred to the lucky candidate. So most of it’s already been done. Special software is not necessary, OpenOffice (free to anyone) is currently used by our editor, but feel free to use what ever software you are familiar with. If you are interested please call Sally on 01580 762170 or Angela on 01580 241966.

In other news …(I can’t even do the Big Ben Bong as apparently they are about to be taken away along with the walnuts)

Show Fees
Those who made it to the AGM in June will know that decisions had to be made regarding TODS’ income and outgoings after a significant financial loss last year. The good news is that membership stays at £15 for the year (running July to June).

A show fee a is being introduced to cover production costs, payable by each cast member in each production. This will be about a tenner for normal plays (dramas, comedies etc.), although it’s likely to vary from one production to another. (This does not cover the cost of scripts, if they have to be bought in book form.)

The high costs of putting on a musical, however, means a higher charge is unavoidable. Publishers and agents (Samuel French et al.) want a lot of cash for the licence, libretti, CDs and so on. For ‘Sister Act’ next February the performance fee will be £25. (At least for ‘Sister Act’ we are having the use of the (suitably sibilant) Sinden Theatre, although the cost of the venue is being covered by an anonymous – and very kind – donor.)
Autumn Production

There will be no Autumn Production this year. Low audience numbers have been an issue and there have been problems with casting them in recent years. Nobody came to audition for ‘Absent Friends’, the play which was scheduled for this October. (I thought we couldn’t go wrong with an Alan Ayckbourn, but what do I know?)
Sad, but there you are…
New committee

Here is a list of the TODS committee members for 2017-18. Some are new, some are very definitely old…
Chairman – Sally Klemen
Vice Chair – Fiona Murch
Secretary – Angela Patrick
Treasurer – Michael Patrick
Members – Peter Huxley, Gillian Davis, Lynne Andrews, Vernon Reeve and Heather Kemeys.
Raymond Crawfurd remains President and Brian Fagg is still a particularly active VP.
Sister Act

Rehearsals have began already for our February 2018 production of Sister Act The Musical

As can be expected our director Heather Leslie, along with the amazing band and wonderful cast she has lined up will put on an amazing performance. Keep up to date with latest information on the production page Sister Act The Musical where we will try to regularly update with whats going on and of course keep an eye on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and this website for further updates.

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