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Goodnight, Mister Tom by David Wood & Michelle Magorian

27th-30th May 2020

The Sinden Theatre, Tenterden

The heart-warming tale of a young evacuee warming to his unfamiliar village surroundings in war-torn 1940s Britain. Adapted from Michelle Magorian’s award winning novel, Goodnight Mister Tom is a plethora of emotional moments that define human nature in a time of turmoil that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Goodnight Mister Tom will be directed by Tony Powell as his debut production with TODS. This play will be the first to reintroduce a youth section to TODS. We will be looking to cast children and adults – audition details to follow!



Note that most characters will be doubled up amongst the cast, and some scenes may be pre-recorded and shown as a video interlude in the play.

Tom Oakley – male, 60s, village loner and William’s carer

William Beech – male, 10, deprived evacuee

Sammy – Tom’s collie dog to be played by puppet & puppeteer

Charlie Ruddles – ARP Warden

Mrs Fletcher – female, housewife and mother

George Fletcher – male, 10, youngest son of Mrs Fletcher

Doctor Little – can be any gender, local doctor

Mrs Annie Hartridge – female, school teacher

David Hartridge – male, trainee RAF pilot

Carrie & Ginnie – female twins, 11

Miss Thorne – female, local librarian and amateur dramatics producer

Zach- male, 11, Jewish evacuee

Mr Miller – male, proprietor of the post office

Miss Miller – female, 20s, helps her father in the shop

Glad – female, warm-hearted Londoner

Mr Stelton – male, psychiatrist

Ensemble: Billeting Officer, ARP Warden, Vicar, Policeman, Nurse, Sister, Evacuees, Villagers, Londoners, Medical staff, Puppeteers