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Past Productions

Disco Inferno by Justin Sepple

New Year 2007


Steve Bowen

Andy Clarke

Vickie Cumbers

Beth Fenton,

Luke Jeffrey

Roger Keech

Andy Leslie

Gemma Ludley

Fiona Murch

Jessica Noifeld

Nikki Palin

Ron Pamplin

Kirsty Rollings

Bernie Smith,

Director Heather Coles

Set in the East End of London in 1976, the show features songs from the era and is loosely based on the story of Faust.

The show is set in London in 1976; the hottest summer on record. ‘Disco Inferno’ tells the story of an ambitious and talented hopeful, Jack, and his ‘burning’ desire to make it in the music industry. Working late in a London nightclub, Jack meets Lucretia McEvil – a femme fatale and incarnation of the Devil. Dreaming of becoming successful, he makes a Faustian pact with her, trading his soul to fulfill his wildest fantasies.

Jack soon becomes an international success, making appearances on radio and television shows, but success proves hollow. He has the fame and fortune he’s always dreamed of but is losing something far more important – his devoted girlfriend, Jane. One disaster quickly follows another. If only he could turn back time… If only he could make one more deal, trading all he now has for something far more important… the love of his life.