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Past Productions

Farce and Furious by Tom Stoppard and Peter Shaffer

Autumn 2009


Tim Fagg

Barbara Gray

Tony Harris

Philip James

Ian Klemen

Andy Leslie

Heather Leslie

Ron Pamplin

Angela Patrick

Michael Patrick

Simon Phelps

   Jean Smith

Barry Thomas

Sue Worsfield

Karen Wright 

Directed by Fabian Worsfield

Black Comedy is a one-act farce by Peter Shaffer, first performed in 1965. The premise of the piece is that light and dark are transposed, so that when the stage is lit the cast are supposed to be in darkness and only when the stage is dark are they supposed to be able to see each other and their surroundings. A young sculptor, and his fiancée have borrowed some expensive antique furniture from a neighbour’s flat without his permission to impress an elderly millionaire art collector. When the power fails, the neighbour returns early, other people also arrive unexpectedly, and matters descend into near-chaos.