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Past Productions

Sweet Charity by Neil Simon, Cy Coleman & Dorothy Field

New Year 2015

Sinden Theatre, Tenterden


Steve Bowen

Natalie Cheese

Wallyce Cheverall

Callum Cornell

Rachel Croft-Golding

Erica Curtis

Gillian Davis

Beth Fenton

Philip James

Rebecca James

Fraser Johnston

Heather Leslie

Charlotte Maughan Jones

 Fiona Murch

Angela Patrick

James Perkins

John Roberts

David Richardson

Director Jack Davidson

Charity Hope Valentine works as a taxi dancer along with her friends, Nickie and Helene. She longs for love, but has bad luck with men, first seen when her married boyfriend, Charlie, pushes her off a Bridge and steals her life savings of $427.  Charity meets famous movie star Vittorio Vitale, just as he breaks up with his girlfriend Ursula. Charity has a promising, but ultimately humiliating, relationship with Vittorio that evening. After failing to find a job through an employment agency, Charity meets shy Oscar Lindquist in a stuck elevator. They strike up a relationship, but Charity does not reveal what she does for a living. When she finally does tell Oscar, he initially seems to accept it, but finally tells Charity that he cannot marry her. The optimistic Charity faces her future, alone for the time being, living hopefully ever after.

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