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REMEMBERING – Michael Patrick

“It is with the deepest regret and sorrow that TODS announce the passing  of a man who has had a far greater influence on TODS than any other”

Michael Patrick.

“…His love and support for his family was something special and something
the outside world perhaps came to know a little better through Angela’s autobiography.
We, who were privileged to know him, will for ever be grateful that he was part of our
lives and that we were able to share in the brighter happier and fuller world that he
created for us all.”  
Raymond Crawfurd



Michael played Mr Purdue in TODS 2019 production of Habeaus Corpus

‘I joined TODS some 30 years ago having been persuaded to ‘help out’ back stage by our then set construction man and have been involved ever since. My first production, in at the deep end, was Send Me No Flowers in 1988 which was an entrant in the KDA Festival. I have experienced most aspects of amateur theatre including directing, acting, stage manager, set construction, prompt, front of house and even once helping out with lighting. There is a certain something about the amateur theatre which, once it draws you in, keeps you enthralled and adds a new dimension to your life. I can honestly say that I have never had a dull moment during my many adventures with TODS. I hope you enjoy tonight’s performance as much as we, the cast, have enjoyed bringing it to you.‘ Michael Patrick

Michael and Fiona throwing themselves into their roles 2014

Michael & Angela in Follies 2019







Michael with his Directors hat on, in Wife after Death, 2015








Michael with his Committee Hat on, as Treasurer



“I was absolutely heartbroken to hear of the passing of dear Michael. I’ve
known Angela and Michael for nearly forty years having met through TODS,
and they have been lifelong and devoted friends. Michael was such an
energetic, vital, positive, kind, helpful, intelligent, witty, funny, somtimes
cutting, caring man who lived life to the full and loved every minute of it
and he will be so missed by all who knew him…”   – Heather Coles 

“On a personal note I am indebted to Michael for introducing me to the
world of amateur dramatics. I remember how he taught me to be stage
drunk in Day of Reckoning, “Don’t overdo it Baz, you’re sober in act 2”. He
persuaded me to audition for the part while he was manning the TODS plate
smashing stall at the May Fair – “You’ve got the voice for it” he said. I was
always totally in awe of his energy and total commitment to whatever task
confronted him. If committee meetings were dragging on Michael would
often pipe up with “Well time to wrap it up, there’s football on telly”, he was
a Millwall fan if I remember correctly, and of course they were rarely on tv…” Barrry Thomas

“I was saddened by your email this morning about Michael. He was always so very kind and
helpful whenever I came to visit TODS. He and Angela worked well together in our theatre
world , he as Treasurer and Angela Secretary and I always enjoyed their performances beit
serious or comedy and panto at Benenden. Michael will be sorely missed. Kindly express
on behalf of NODA SE our sincere sympathy and love to Angela and his family…”    Anne Lawson – NODA

“I’ve actually made a list of words which leapt to mind when thinking about Michael:-
Reliable; Dedicated; Hard Working; Thoughtful; Organized; Welcoming; Caring – Son,
Husband, Father Grandfather, Friend; Optimistic; Not put down by reversals of fortune; Did
not always “suffer fools gladly”; A sense of humour; Enjoyed Life.
The whole business is tragic. To say he will be missed is a gross understatement. I really feel
for Angela, Kate, Will and the grand-kids. With retched Covid it makes it all seem so much
worse. We will not be able to give Michael the send off he deserves…”     Brian Fagg

“Very sad news about Michael Patrick. He was such a nice friendly guy and a real driving force
in the TODS fraternity.
We almost took it for granted that he would always be there to support a production. I spent
many a long hour clearing up scenery and carting things to and fro with Michael. He was such
a linchpin for the society it’s hard to image how we will survive without him.
He had that disarmingly confrontational sense of humour which always made me feel as
though I’d done something wrong and as I always thought that I was probably guilty, I fell for
his absolving smile every time! ” David Richardson

“Michael was the very best of men. Everyone who came into contact with him had
their lives enriched. He was witty, sharp, sympathetic and above all, incredibly kind.I
have so many memories of being in shows with him, singing, acting and even dancing
, always with good humour and bonhomie.
Michael and Angela have made the most wonderful partnership. Two halves of a
whole, they have had a long and happy marriage. They were both incredibly family
orientated and also devoted friends.
I shall miss Michael more than I can say as I know many others will . I feel incredibly
lucky to have known him for 25 years.” Fiona Murch

“Behind a look that was sometimes stern, there lived a man who worked and lived for others in a way that we others came to understand and appreciate more and
more as we got to know him. The sudden smile and the twinkle in the eye betrayed the warmth and kindness that Michael almost seemed to want to keep hidden…

TODS were immensely fortunate to have the dream team of Michael and Angela as the backbone of the society for more than twenty years. You can’t think of one without
the other, but for Michael, whether it was his prize-winning performance in Habeas Corpus, his utterly reliable work in set-building, front of house, directing and general
ability to get things done, or his work as Treasurer and a vital member of the committee, he was a constant element in the growth and success of TODS over so
many years….” Raymond Crawfurd

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Published 26 October, 2020